Our Values

With nature comes well kept secrets… the little seasonal gems are elusive, their woody locations are a close guarded secret that only the best truffle hunters inherit generation after generation.

With heritage comes protection… our Anglo-Italian heritage gives us the necessary language, appreciation and understanding to forge trusted relationships with the truffle hunters and unravel the myths associated with buying truffles.

With exclusivity comes exclusion… our products were exclusively used by top chefs and fine-dining restaurants. We now invite YOU to order online from our exclusive range.

With scarcity comes higher prices… we created a base in Umbria, by-passed brokers, and through regular order are able to secure lower prices for the pick of Italy’s truffles. Our mission is to make truffles readily available to everyone at an affordable price.

With high demand comes compromised quality… we guarantee supply of the freshest truffles, truffle oils, sauces, and foods. All fresh truffle products area shipped securely the same day our hunters dig them up to ensure freshness upon next day arrive within Europe and the fastest available delivery worldwide.